Please contact us for -

  • Fabrication of steel structures, plants, sheds, fittings and fixtures - on site as well as off-site

  • Fabrication of machines, plants and components using carbon steels or stainless steels of all types as per designer's drawings and specifications

  • Erection of all types of jobs including large ones and also at a height

  • Repair and retrofitting of concrete structures including Steel Jacketing, RCC Jacketing, Cement Grouting, Epoxy / Monopol grouting, Fiber Wrapping, Epoxy Mortar etc.

  • Renovation, rehabilitation and modernization of steel and RCC structures & fixtures

Areas of Activity

  • Industrial Sheds and Plants

  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings

  • All types of fabricated fittings and fixtures

  • Power plants, cement units, chemical factories and other large industries

Working Method

Our method of working for any Fabrication and Erection job includes the following steps:

  • First Step - Understanding drawings and specifications; We like to interact with design engineers to understand their requirements completely

  • Second Step - Understanding site conditions and requirements

  • Third Step - Preparing our plan including working out specifications for each part and sub-assembly. These are duly discussed with design and site engineers.

  • Fourth Step - Fabrication either on-site or off-site

  • Fifth Step - Erection