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We refer to one or more of the following standards, to the extent relevant for any particular job.

IS: 800

Code of practice for general construction in steel

IS: 7215

Indian Standard Tolerances for Fabrication of Steel Structures

IS: 12843

Indian Standard Tolerances for Erection of Steel Structures

IS: 12160

Indian Standard Technical Drawings - Fundamental Tolerancing Principles

IS: 456

Code of practice for plain and reinforced concrete

SP: 6

ISI Handbook for structural engineers

IS: 806

Code of practice for use of steel tubes in general building construction

IS: 808

Dimensions for Rolled steel beam, channel and angle sections

IS: 813

Scheme of symbols for welding

IS: 816

Code of practice for use of metal arc welding for general construction in mild steel

IS: 875

Code of practice for design loads (other than earthquake) for buildings and structures

IS: 1038

Steel doors, windows and ventilators

IS: 1080

Code of practice for design and construction of shallow foundations in soils (other than raft, ring and shell)

IS: 1172

Code of basic requirements for water supply, drainage and sanitation

IS: 1230

Cast iron rain water pipes and fittings

IS: 1346

Code of practice for waterproofing of roofs with bitumen felts

IS: 1361

Steel windows for industrial buildings

IS: 1367

Technical supply conditions for threaded steel fasteners

IS: 1742

Code of practice for building drainage

IS: 1786

Code of practice for HYSD bars

IS: 1893

Criteria for earthquake resistant design of structure

IS: 1904

Code of practice for design and construction of foundations in soils:- General requirements

IS: 1498

Classification and identification of soils for General Engineering Purposes

IS: 3764

Code of safety for excavation work

IS: 7293

Safety code for working with construction machinery

IS: 1442

Covered electrodes for metal arc welding of high tensile structural steel

IS: 7280

Bare wire electrodes for submerged arc welding of structural steels

IS: 1608

Mechanical testing of metals - tensile testing

IS: 2064

Code of practice for selection, installation and maintenance of sanitary appliances

IS: 1905

Code of practice for structural use of unreinforced masonry

IS: 2062

Steel for general structural purposes

IS: 2065

Code of practice for water supply in buildings

IS: 2074

Ready mixed paint, air drying, red oxide, zinc chrome, priming

IS: 2212

Code of practice for brick work

IS: 2470

Code of practice for installation of septic tanks

IS: 2527

Code of practice for fixing rain water gutters and down pipes for drainage

IS: 2911

Code of practice for design and construction of pile foundations

IS: 2950

Code of practice for design and construction of raft foundations

IS: 2974

Code of practice for design and construction of machine foundations

IS: 3067

Code of practice for general design details and preparatory works for damp proofing and water proofing of buildings

IS: 3370

Code of practice for concrete structure for storage of liquids

IS: 3414

Code of practice for design and installation of joints in buildings

IS: 3502

Specification for steel chequered plates

IS: 3614

Specification for Fire-Check doors (Part I and II)

IS: 4000

Code of practice for high strength bolts in steel structures

IS: 4326

Code of practice for earthquake resistant design and construction of buildings

IS: 4971

Recommendations for selection of industrial floor finishes

IS: 5624

Specification for foundation bolts

IS: 8009

Code of practice for calculation of settlement of foundations (Part 1 and 2)engineers

IS: 8183

Bonded mineral wool

IS: 8629

Code of practice for protection of iron and steel (Part I to III) structures from atmospheric corrosion

IS: 9595

Metal arc welding of carbon and carbon manganese steel - Recommendations

IS: 11089

Code of practice for design and construction of ring foundations

IS: 11592

Selection and design of belt conveyor

IS: 13301

Guidelines for vibration isolation for machine foundations

IS: 13920

Code of practice for ductile detailing of reinforced concrete structure subjected to seismic forces

IRC: 37

Guidelines for design of flexible pavements

IRC: 73

Geometric design of roads

VDI: 2056

Criteria for assessing mechanical vibration of machine

VDI: 2060

Criteria for assessing the state of balance of rotating rigid bodies

DIN: 4024

Machine foundations: - flexible supporting structures for machines with rotating masses

DIN: 2089

Helical compression spring out of round wire and rod - calculation and design

DIN: 2096

Helical compression spring out of round wire and rod - quality requirement for hot formed compression springs

SP: 16

Design aids for reinforced concrete to IS: 456

IRC: 6

Standard specification and code of practice for road bridges, section II - loads and stresses

IRC: 21

Standard specification and code of practice for road bridges, section III - loads and stresses

IS: 7452

Specification for hot-rolled steel sections for doors, windows and ventilators

IS: 1948

Specification for aluminum doors, windows and ventilators

IS: 1949

Specification for aluminum windows for industrial buildings

SP: 7

National building code of India - "Accepted Standards and Good Practice" listed in appendix to Building Code

BS EN 1504

British Standards for Repair of Concrete Structures


Handbook on Repair and Rehabilitation of RCC buildings published by CPWD, Govt. of India

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